A Bunch of Jews (A Minyen Yidn)
A Bunch of Jews (A Minyen Yidn)
A Bunch of Jews (A Minyen Yidn)
A Bunch of Jews (A Minyen Yidn)

A Bunch of Jews (A Minyen Yidn)

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Book Info

Written by Trina Robbins
Release Date: April 1, 2017
Page Count: 80
Format: Softcover
Size: 7.5 x 10
Black and white interiors
Age Range: Teen & Up


A Bunch of Jews (and other stuff) is based on the 1938 short story collection by Trina Robbin’s father, Muttel (Mutye) Perechudnik, and was originally published in Yiddish. This collection features a collection of stories drawn from Muttel’s (later Max Perlson’s) life growing up in a shtetl in Belarus and immigrating to Brooklyn in the late 1910s at the age of 16. Here he became a journalist contributing short stories in Yiddish to Jewish newspapers.

The collection has been translated to English and adapted to graphic novel format by his daughter, Trina Robbins, who says of the stories within: “They are slyly humorous portraits of his little village in Belarus, and of life in Brooklyn after he came to America. It’s a snapshot of a way of life that would end with the coming of the Nazis and WW2, although none of them knew it yet.”




Artists and Stories

  • Shary Flenniken

  • Eve Furchgott

  • Miriam Katin

  • Miriam Libicki

  • Anne Timmons

  • Robert Triptow

  • Jen Vaughn

  • Steve Leialoha

  • Elizabeth Watasin

  • Caryn Leschen

  • Joan Steacy

  • Ken Steacy

  • Terry Laban

  • Barbara Mendes